1. The Students shoulld maintain the moral and academic atmosphere of the campus, and should keep away
from activities which shall defame the college.
2. The Student should not engage in such Political or similar activities which may corrupt the campus.
3. No meeting or Entertaiment should be organized nor any fund be collected or notice should be distributed in the campus without the permission of the Principal.
4. The students must attend the Literary forum meetings, Orientation classes or Moral classes which shall be conducted in the college, periodically.
5. 75% attendance is mandatory to appear for the University Exam. The Names of those students who do not attend classes without reasons for more than 15 days shall be removed from the roll.
6. College Union Election, Fine Arts Day, College Day and all other students programmes shall be conducted only with the supervision of the principal and the teachers. No political activities will be allowed in the campus.
7. The Students must keep strict dress code as per the college rules and maintain proper conduct with the Teachers, other staff and to all other students.
8. It is the responsibility of each and every students to keep the college furniture, computers, Library Books and other Facilities intact.
9. Smoking and misuse of Mobile Phone are strictly prohibited in the campus.
10. The students should not damage or disfigure the Class rooms, Compound walls and buildings by pasting posters or writing on them.

11. All classes shall have class co-ordinators from among the Teachers and the Students will be under their directions. If any students face problems from outside the campus , he shall bring it to the notice of the Pricnipal and seek solution through him.
12. Ragging in any form prohibited as per the Supreme Court directions. If any incidents of ragging comes to the notice of college authority, the student concerned will be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory such student will be expelled from the institution.
13. No student is allowed to enter Classes other than theirs without sufficient reason.
14. All the students should strictly follow all the above rules and the violation of which the Principal has the authority to initiate any action including dismissal from the College.
Attendance and Leave
15. Application for leave should be made at least two days in advance.
16. No student shall be absent from class without leave.
17. If a student requires leave for personal reasons he/she should take permission from the Principal or from the Class Coordinator concerned.
18. In the case of hostal residents, all application for leave shall be countersigned by the Warden and submitted to the Class Co-ordinator
19. when absence is due to illness the application for leave should be supported by a Medical Certificate.